The Soulful Creations is an eco-friendly curated set of collection. This diverse range is brought together to foster handmade, eco-friendly and sustainable products with an aim to achieve the state of harmony between the human soul via the products we consume, our health, and its impact on our environment.

The Soulful Creations comprises of products from four CuroCarte collections:

1. Tenmoku – This form of pottery was started in the first half of the Tang Dynasty in an area called Jianzhou. It was started by a community of potters in China and then later reinterpreted by a community in Japan. The uniqueness of Tenmoku is the glaze on the pottery. The glaze has high contents of Iron Oxide and other Mineral Oxides which leads to a very different glaze compared to most potteries.

2. Celadon – Originally originated in China under the Shang dynasty. The unique quality about this craft is that the celadon colour is classically produced by firing a glaze containing a little iron oxide at a high temperature in a reducing kiln.

3. LongPI – LongPI Pottery comes from Manipur, India and is attributed to Goddess Panthobi. LongpI is hand patted and not wheel thrown, and is generally the mixer of stone and clay makes, the color black is predominantly used in its products and is completely natural.

4. Spain Pottery – Spanish Pottery is characterized by its bright colors and a tin glaze which defines the pottery and is traditionally also called the Talavera de la Reina pottery. The pottery has influences from Mexican style of pottery making in terms of design and bright colours.

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