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In today’s fast-paced life, individuals are overburdened by stress and pressure which is detrimental to living a fulfilled and happy life. In order to revive, recharge and rejuvenate oneself, Jaquar Group’s luxury brand Artize has designed a unique shower spa- Rainjoy+. The Rainjoy+ showering experience is a complete body bath that envelops the senses with an array of soothing sensations inspired by nature’s brilliant ways offering the ultimate satisfaction.

Artize Rainjoy⁺ is more than just a shower, it is a combination of specialised water outlets and different flow modes. Combining the hydro flow design with the best aqua pressure and chromotherapy, Rainjoy⁺ provides soothing sensations and blissful relaxation with every shower. One can choose the perfect showering moment with a choice of varied modes like rain, intense, massage and mist. Its large, enviable, concealed overhead showers have multiple modes and showering concepts to suit the exact needs of a true connoisseur of wellness.

Below are the various modes that the shower includes:

Rain: Welcome the emptying of the clouds with arms wide open

The Rain mode lets you enjoy an extra-large, overhead shower zone for a complete body bath. With pearls of water streaming from every jet on the large showerhead, the Rain mode’s generous

Coverage is as rejuvenating as the monsoon’s first downpour.


Intense: Feel the drums of the rain gods, play a thrilling tune on your skin

Concentrating a powerful flow of heavy drops into a small area from the central jets, the intense mode is spread perfectly to fall on your head and shoulders, and relax and recharge you in minutes.


Mist: Lose yourself in the kiss of a million droplets a minute

Special nozzles recreate the joy of being in a cloud as the Mist mode’s floating blanket of feather-touch droplets gently covers you with freshness. Mist spray is created by forcing water through tiny holes, and this mode is great not just for reliving stress but also for hot summer days or after a long, hard work-out.


Massage: The joy of pulsating aqua pressure

The massage mode uses a special revolving nozzle that sends out water in intermittent pulses. Spinning, spiral columns of water land on the body milliseconds apart to create a drumming effect on the skin and muscles. This promotes blood flow and the invigorating pressure relaxes and revives the body like only a massage can.


Chromotherapy: Rainjoy+ also features Chromotherapy lights controlled by a waterproof, cordless remote to let you pick a relaxing colour or switch to an energising, pulsating, multi-colour experience.


Artize Rainjoy+ comes in two models- Oval and Square. Featuring clean, aesthetic lines and an unobtrusive design, both the styles use a larger than life size to envelop you with sensations that aim to relax the muscles, restore calmness and repair the damage caused by daily life’s stress and strains.

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