Cultivating Creativity

By NAMITHA MADHU Nov 22, 2018

Dewan Architects + Engineers’ new office is specifically designed to encourage collaborat...

Lucknow talks tough

Jan 14, 2019

As part of the Think Turf series addressing ‘Design Excellence and Best Practices’, Roca called t...

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Tech talk

By Carol Ferrao Jan 14, 2019

Man’s quest for comfort is reaching new heights, and this reality is most evident in the switches...

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Enduring Beauty

By Aruna Rathod Jan 14, 2019

Natural stone has always been appreciated for its intrinsic beauty – especially marble, which is ...

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Four to the fore

Author Jan 14, 2019

When Sakshi Gallery approached Rekha Rodwittiya with the invitation to curate a show to coincide ...

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